Virtual Meetings In Style

Virtual Meetings In Style

With the current state of our country, most of us are finding ourselves in a need to go virtual.  This includes virtual meetings with staff, new clients, or even happy hour with our friends and families.  One of the complaints we have heard from several of our previous, current and new clients is that the spaces in their homes were not quite ready for this new normal. 


Like most families, this is a time of uncertainty and worry.  The last thing we want for customers, is to worry about the need to prepare a space in their home to host and attend these virtual meetings.  The McGuire Home Collection has put together several ZOOM background options for you to download and use for free.  We hope this provides all of our customers and clients a sense of calm and relief to what could be a difficult time.


We hope you enjoy taking your virtual meetings and consultations to the next level.  Download you favorite McGuire image here and tune in on Friday's when we post our background for the weekend paired with the weekend drink!  




1. Select then download your favorite McGuire background image.

2. Open your Zoom desktop app (or download the program if you don’t already have it installed).

3. Start your own meeting, then enable video.

4. Once your meeting has started, select the "Menu" arrow next to your video icon.

5. Select “Choose Virtual Background” – this will open the "Settings > Virtual Background" window.

6. Select the plus (+) sign to add your chosen image.                                                          

7. Navigate to your selected image and upload it. Once uploaded it should default to your new background image.

8. Close the Settings window. Your new McGuire Home Collection background image should be set!  


1/2 tsp of Sugar

3 Dashes of Bitters

1 tsp of Water

2 oz Bourbon

Garnish with Orange Peel



Add the sugar, bitters and water into a rocks glass and stir until sugar is dissolved

Add large ice cubes, bourbon, and gently stir to combine the flavors

Express the oil of an orange peel over the glass, then drop in

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